Okinawan scenery as drawn by an attendant of Commodore Perry in 1853.

1531 Volume One of "Omoro Soshi" compiled
1589 Ryukyuan mission visits Kyoto for audience with Toyotomi Hideyoshi
1591 Hideyoshi sends troops to Korea, demands the Ryukyus contribute supplies and men
1605 Superintendent Noguni introduces sweet potatoes
1609 Satsuma Invasion
1623 Gima Shinjo introduces sugar manufacturing
1650 Sho Shoken (Choshu Haneji) publishes "Chuzan Seikan" (History of the Ryukyus)
1713 "History of the Kingdom of the Ryukyus" compiled
1719 Tamagusuku Chokun stages first "Dance Choreography Duet"
1734 Sai-on compiles "Agriculture Manual"
1853 Perry and Black Ships visit Naha
1872 Ryukyu becomes a Satsuma Fiefdom
1879 Dissolution of the Kingdom and rebirth as a prefecture


Photo from Okinawa Prefecture