Hall of Nations (tentative) served as the venue for the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit.

1904 Land Allocation System abolished, Private Land Ownership established
1909 First Prefectural Assembly election
1912 First election of members to the House of Representatives
1926 Kazuro Hirozu's "The Wandering Ryukyuans" causes uproar
1940 Disputes over Okinawan dialects
1945 US Forces land. Japanese Army's systematically fought battle for Okinawa ends on
23 June
1946 MacArthur declares administrative separation of Nansei (SW) Islands from Japan proper
1951 Okinawa and Amami placed under US military administration by the SanFrancisco Treaty
1952 Government of the Ryukyu Islands commences
1969 Japan-U.S. bilateral statement announces Reversion of Okinawa to Japan
1970 Koza riots
1972 Reversion to Japan (15 May)
1973 The National Athletic Meet (Youth Summer Meet) held in commemoration of Okinawa's Reversion to Japan
1975 Internaitonal Ocean Exposition held (20 July - 18 January 1976)
1978 Traffic lanes changed (30 July)
1987 The 42nd National Athletic Meet (kaiho Meet) held
1993 The 44th Naitonal Tree-Planting Ceremony (25 April)
1995 Construction of the Cornerstone of Peace
2000 Kyushu-Okinawa Summit

Photo from Okinawa Prefectural Government