What's 'CHINSUKO'?

"Chinsuko" represents Okinawan sweets. "Chin" means "rare" and "gold", and "Suko" means "sweet" in the Okinawan dialect. So "CHINSUKO" is a Okinawan high-grade sweet of the old days.

Chinsuko has a long history. Originally, it was a Chinese sweet whose name was "Chinruko".About 400-500 years ago, it was introduced to Okinawa where it was then mixed with Japanese and Okinawan culture to become a unique Okinawan treat.

In the old days, sweets were exclusive things that only nobles could eat. But nowadays, we can buy Chinsuko almost everywhere in Okinawa. Today's Chinsuko has many kind of flavors which uses well-known products of Okinawa such as goya and sweet poteto.


It is said that, Mr. Peichin Arakaki, who served Kings for three generations,  King Shoukou, Shouiku, and Shoutai, brought the method of making chinsuko from China   about 400-500 years ago . Mr. Peichin Arakaki was an ancestor of the Arakaki Confectionary which is now very famous for its delicious chinsuko.  Chinsuko is made by using the special method of combing Japanese sweet-making and Chinese sweet- making.  The name came from "Chiirunko" which is a kind of Chinese steam cake.Although they kept the style of "Chiirunnko" in the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom Period, the owner of "Chinsuko Honpo(the Original Chinsuko Shop), which was opened in the 41st year of Meiji Era, started making them by baking them in a brick kettle instead of steaming them.

The method of making and materials of chinsuko in those days were almost the same as those of nowadays. However because they didn't have the proper oil, they had to use lard instead. As a result, the former recipe tasted better than today's chinsuko, but they didn't last as long.

CHINSUKO of ARAKAKI official homepage:http://www.chinsuko.co.jp/