We,Okinawan people,treasure our hometown. However,many people leave so I hope when they drink from a Ryukyu glass,it will bring back priceless memories of Okinawa and that visitors to Okinawa will take Ryukyu glass as a reminder of wonderful time in Okinawa.




Do you know anything about Okinawa? Now, Okinawa is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan.
Okinawa is famous for its beautiful ocean and nature. However a beautiful ocean and nature are not good enough reasons to visit Okinawa.
There are other things which attract visitors to Okinawa. Alcohol, sweets,fruit,food and handicrafts of Okinawa. They typify Okinawa, too.
In this website, The Ryukyu Glass Factory introduces some of these good things, along with Ryukyu glass to you!!
I'm happy if you are interested in my hometown, Okinawa. Moreover if you can find enjoyment in visiting Okinawa thanks to Ryukyu glass.
I hope visitors who have visited Okinawa before or have yet to come, will enjoy their trip to Okinawa with Ryukyu glass and it will be the best trip you have ever experienced!!!

What's Ryukyu glass?

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