What cute snowmen!! They must be siblings!
In Okinawa snow doesn't fall but we Okinawan people can enjoy snowmen thanks to them!! I don't know how you would use this but if you like them, please use them as an ornament or a gift for your family or friends. I think that your friends will be happy! 

They are Shisa!! Do you know them? In Okinawa you can't go anywhere without seeing them. They are house guardians in Okinawa. They are really cute, aren't they? If you want to see more of them,please go to Kokusai Street! You can see many kinds of Shisa there,for example smiling Shisa and angry Shisa. You have to buy one during your stay in Okinawa.


They are cats made of Ryukyu glass.They are really interesting. When you turn it upside down like the right one in the photo,it looks like a cat. But put it like the left one in the photo and its ears become legs and you can use it as a cute glass to drink from. How amazing!! 

What do you think this is? I think that this Ryukyu glass expresses the treasure at the bottom of the ocean!
The bubbles on this Ryukyu glass bring to mind the ocean. So many mysterious things are on the ocean floor. How about imagining them and making your own world in this Ryukyu glass? 


They are pendants made of Ryukyu glass. The sand of the ocean in Okinawa is in them, however the sand is not the usual sand of Okinawa. It is called 'Star Sand' because it looks like a star. Okinawa is famous for 'Star Sand'(which is NOT sand at all, but an animals shell) in Japan. It is really cute! If you buy it, your friends will envy you!

As you know this is the photo of Shisa. You saw them in the above picture! As I said, there are many kinds of Shisa in Okinawa. It is said that Shisa come from the sphinx in Egypt. That's why the form of Shisa look like the sphinx and they are guardians. The one with an open mouth protects us from evil spirits and the one with a closed mouth keeps happiness inside the house.
Why don't you buy a pair of Shisa? They will be your guardians!!

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