Do you know Ryukyu glass? In Okinawa, you can see Ryukyu glass everywhere! It's really popular among, not only Okinawans but also the visitors to Okinawa!
It has many kinds of shapes and colors like cups, vases and lamps. Ryukyu glass is famous for its beauty. By the way,what color do you associate Okinawa with?

Red...and Blue?

Yes, and do you know the colors which make us associate with the beauty of nature and traditional things in Okinawa are used
to make Ryukyu glass? As you know they are red, blue and so on. Basically, Ryukyu glass expresses so many beautiful things in Okinawa with its color.
Ryukyu glass is treasure box full of the beauty of Okinawa!!!!

Wow, that's super!!! That's why Okinawan people are so enamoured with Ryukyu glass.

Ryukyu glass attracts not only Okinawan people but also people who see it in other prefectures or other countries!!
Recently the Japanese Health Minister gave some Ryukyu glass craftsmen the title of 'Master Craftsman' and in Vietnam the technique of making Ryukyu glass were learnt and the beauty of Ryukyu glass attracts
people in Vietnam deeply, too!!!!!

Ryukyu glass is one of the products Okinawan people are most proud of in the world!!!

The origin of Ryukyu glass traces back to the Meiji era in Japan. In those days, people would use the glass to make bottles for medicine and parts for lamps.
However, glass craftmen began to make glass products for American Soldiers after World War II in Okinawa. This is the beginning of Ryukyu glass. It came to be used as a daily utensil and a souvenir of Okinawa. Now Ryukyu glass is a very important part of Okinawan Culture.

What materials do you use to make Ryukyu glass products, Chinatsu?

Mainly,we use the glass from bottles for beer and juice and then add something a little bit special!!
I will tell you what materials are used to make Ryukyu glass in the following pictures!!, Ryukyu Glassman!

Light blue Ryukyu glass products are made from the glass from bottles and oxidized copper.

This beautiful blue is made by adding cobalt oxide.

By the way, do you know that they are mixed in a kiln at a temperature of over 2000 degress celcius!?


Purple Ryukyu glass products come from adding manganese oxide.

Colorless Ryukyu glass products are made from sheet glass. Surprisingly examples of this type are rare. If you find a colorless one, you must buy it!!

This brown Ryukyu glass is made from Awamori bottles. Awamori is the most famous alcohol in Okinawa. Nowadays you can get Awamori in Ryukyu glass bottles so why don't you give it a try!?

It must be fantastic!!

Really beautiful red Ryukyu glass products are made from bottles, fragments of glass and oxidized silver selenium. Red is the most popular color for Ryukyu glass.

That's really nice!

Ryukyu glass products with bubbles are made from adding calcined soda to the glass.
Thanks to calcined soda, we can enjoy many different kinds of Ryukyu glass products.

Do you understand!?

I can't wait to see Ryukyu glass.
I want to see it right now!!

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