Career Support


① Company Briefings and Employment Exam Information Sessions

Companies visit the OKIU campus for briefing sessions about their hiring goals and practices. The Career Support Center also holds on-campus information sessions about civil service and teacher employment exams.

② Job Search Consultations with Professional Staff

The Center offers job search consultations with OKIU’s professional staff and also assists students through practice interviews and with revisions of resumes and application forms. The staff is available as follows:
  Career Advisors: Mondays through Fridays
  Career Counselors: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  (Advance reservations are required.)


③ Job-Related Information and Materials

The Center has employment notices from companies inside and outside the prefecture, company files and guides, job hunting magazines, civil service exam guides, graduate school enrollment guides, and other job-related information. Students are encouraged to make good use of these  materials when researching potential employers!

④ Subsidies for Job Search Activities Outside the Prefecture

Students searching for jobs outside the prefecture are provided some financial assistance for travel and other expenses.

⑤ Live Campus Job Search System and the OKIU Portal

The Live Campus Job Search System allows students to search for company guides, job advertisements, employment exam reports (for both private companies and government exams) written by OKIU graduates, and more. Through the OKIU Portal, students are provided information  about job-search seminars, company visits and briefing sessions, and other events held on campus. Students can conveniently search the Live Campus Job Search System and OKIU Portal not only from computers located in the Career Support Center but also from computers outside the  university.

⑥ Internship Information

At OKIU, students can participate in university-sponsored internships during the summer break. The Center also provides information about company-sponsored internships. Internships are a great opportunity for students to think about their career outlooks and to get started on their job searches.