Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition and Educational Expenses

ItemFirst YearSecond Year and AfterFour-Year Total
Enrollment Fee
(Frist Semester : \305,000)
(Second Semester : \305,000)
(Frist Semester : \305,000)
(Second Semester : \305,000)
Facility and Equipment Fee
(First Semester : \100,000)
(Second Semester : \100,000)
(Frist Semester : \100,000)
(Second Semester : \100,000)
Support Association and Education Fee
Culture Fee and Alumni Association Fee
Student Insurance Fee  *1
One-Year Total
(First Semester : \566,160 *2)
(Second Semester : \405,000)
(Frist Semester : \421,500)
(Second Semester : \405,000)
*1 The amount will be slightly different for international students.
*2 The amount needs to be paid before enrollment.
*3 Costs are subject to change.

OKIU supports students who want to learn.

NameTypeAmounteligibilityApplication Period
Student Scholarship
Half Tuition
Privately-financed international students of superior
character and academic achievement who are enrolled in
a regular course of study, who possess a visa with a
Status of Residence of "Student", and who will contribute
to the promotion of education, research, culture, and
international exchange both in Japan and overseas.
OKIU Alumni
Association Scholarship
for Privately-Financed
International Students
Students of superior character and academic
achievement who are experiencing difficulties
with their studies due to financial reasons.

Contact the Global Education Support Center for more information.
Hours: 9am to 5pm (Monday through Friday)
Phone: 098-893-7668