Our Lives at OKIU


 When I was a child, I never dreamed of being able to study in Japan. Six years ago, I came to Okinawa to study Japanese at a language school for two years. Okinawa, with its beautiful beaches and warm weather, reminded me of Bali, my hometown. I was happy at first, but after a month of living here, I started to feel lonely and homesick. I had a hard time adapting to the differences in culture, language, and environment, and since I had never studied Japanese, I had a difficult time communicating. One day, I got the lowest score among my friends on a placement test, so I felt ashamed and lost confidence. However, I started studying with enthusiasm, so I could achieve my dream of getting into Okinawa International University. One day, I was given the opportunity to take the university’s entrance exam. After passing the exam and becoming a student, I felt lucky to receive such an extraordinary opportunity.
 Okinawa International University has provided me with a lot of experience and broad insights, especially into culture and languages. I took the Communication Course in the Department of British and American Language and Culture. My previous two years of studying Japanese wasn’t enough, so I wanted to improve my Japanese skills and increase my knowledge in Japanese. I joined the International Exchange Club, a club for Japanese and foreign students at OKIU. After joining, I noticed a lot of positive benefits, including improving my Japanese and English skills, and making a lot of friends, who have supported me in many ways. These friends are like my second family.
 The classes I took also really impressed me. In Cross Cultural Understanding, I studied about the differences in culture, race, and religion in various countries. During this class, I had the opportunity to make a presentation about Indonesia’s culture, race, religion, and diversity. I was
happy to have the opportunity to introduce my country’s unique and diverse culture. I felt keenly aware that each country’s citizens need to protect their country’s uniqueness. In English Tourism, I learned about handling guests, polite grammar for communicating, and other insights into tourism. This class really helped me improve my English because we were required to communicate in English at all times.
 After graduating, I started working in tourism. I now work as a receptionist in charge of handling foreign tourists and as a foreign language translator at Beach House Yomitan, a villa in central Okinawa. The lessons I took at Okinawa International University have really helped me in my current job. At work, I often use the English and Japanese I learned at school, and I feel confident about knowing how to communicate with guests in a kind and polite manner. I feel very lucky to have studied at OKIU. Because of that experience, and the insights I gained, I was able to realize my dream of working in the tourism sector. Working in tourism is great fun!


 I’m absolutely loving my time in Japan thanks to Okinawa International University! I consider myself lucky to have gotten admitted here because it really has a family atmosphere. The teachers are outstanding, and the content of their lectures are interesting and informative. Studying here, I’ve learned a lot and have gained a more global perspective on different issues.
 Before entering OKIU, I was nervous because I was the only student from Nepal in my college, and I was wondering if I could make friends. However, once I entered the university, all my fear and nervousness vanished. My new friends are so helpful and open, and my teachers are friendly and teach me in a very kind and polite manner. Sometimes, we even get to go out drinking with our teachers.
 The facilities are also great. The university has a beautiful and relaxing Seminar House, and the university’s huge library has been a huge help for my research assignments. While I’m studying business administration, I’ve been able to share my experience with lots of foreign students. During my time here, I got a chance to get involved in social work and to share my culture, customs, and dance with others. My college life at Okinawa International University has been well spent. I highly recommend this great university as a place to start a new life in Japan.

Messages from International Students

 I am Balinese, Indonesian. I have long had a dream to live overseas, and one of the countries where I wanted to live was Japan. I love Japanese food, culture, technology, language, and more. After graduating from high school, I got the opportunity to study in Okinawa. During that time, I discovered many interesting buildings, clothes, and culture. I also noticed that traditional fashion in Okinawa has similarities to traditional Indonesian fashion. Bingata is a traditional dyed craft in Okinawa. Interestingly, this craft has similarities to Indonesian batik. I took an
Okinawan history class and did some research about bingata and discovered that yes, indeed, bingata has been influenced by Indonesian batik. I was moved to discover this cultural link between my country and Okinawa.
 Okinawa has many beautiful white sand beaches, tasty food, and a lot of interesting culture to discover. No wonder Okinawa passed Hawaii in the number of tourists in 2017, when it attracted 9.25 million domestic and international visitors! While in Okinawa, I took the opportunity to experience working in the tourism industry and to learn more about Japanese hospitality by working in a restaurant in a Hilton resort in Okinawa.
 Okinawa has a warm climate, and it is a nice place to live with people who are warm and friendly. I have also met many international students: from South Korea, Nepal, Peru, Bolivia, America, Macau, Taiwan and France. It makes me so happy that I can share so many different cultures with other international students. OKIU holds many events for International Students, such as the Christmas Party, where we played a lot of fun games and had a gift exchange. There were many other events to explore more about Okinawan culture and nature as well. At this university, many Japanese students and teachers are always there for us, to support us whenever we need.
 Well, if you decide to come to Okinawa, there is one word that you absolutely need to remember: “haisai,” which means “hello” in the Okinawan language.

 When I was in my second year of high school, I came to Japan and entered a high school in Sendai. When I graduated, I entered Okinawa International University. I chose Okinawa because there weren’t many international students in Okinawa, and I wanted Japanese friends to
improve my Japanese ability. The other international students in Sendai all went to universities in Tokyo or Osaka. I came to Okinawa by myself, without knowing anyone, so I was very worried. However, the teachers at OKIU were very nice to me, so I soon felt at home. I’ve been
interested in Japanese culture for a long time, so I entered the Department of Japanese Language and Culture. Up until now, I’ve learned a lot about Japanese culture. I’ve studied the Japanese classics and about Japanese pop culture in great depth. All of my classmates in the department are Japanese. I was really nervous when I first met them, but everyone’s been very nice, and I soon felt relieved. Now, I’m helping with Chinese at the university. I’m supporting students by checking their Chinese pronunciation and then by explaining the grammar. It’s been a great experience. It’s a lot of fun when I’m supporting other students.
 OKIU has a lot of different activities. There’s also a lot of activities for international students. For example, we had a welcome party and also flower viewing. During the many activities I’ve participated in, I’ve spoken a lot with other international students. I spoke a lot with Japanese students, too. That’s made me really happy. Each year, OKIU has a university festival. In 2019, the international students ran a food stall. We sold Taiwanese food. It was a lot of hard work, but the Japanese customers were really nice to us. That was probably the most fun experience of my college life.
 OKIU teachers are extremely nice. If I ever have a problem in my studies or everyday life, I can consult with a teacher and solve the problem right away. Coming here on my own hasn’t been a problem at all. I was nervous when I first entered, but students and teachers have helped me very much. My three years here have been very enjoyable. I’m going to do my best for my last year!