University Motto

Striving for Autonomy and True Freedom”


Okinawa International University values the traditions, culture, and environment of Okinawa and strives to create scholarship and culture that supports the peace and coexistence of humankind. We aim to cultivate broad-minded, unique individuals, while contributing to local autonomy and the development of international society.


Based on the basic principles of academic research, we aim to provide an educational environment for the wider community, to cultivate the human spirit and foster the development of scientific knowledge, and to train individuals who possess deep insights into rational education and historical progress.

Mission Statement

Okinawa International University aims to contribute to the development of Okinawa in the following ways:
  1. By utilizing Okinawa’s potential as the crossroads of Asia in order to train professionals who will become pioneers and bankoku shinryo.*
  2. By collaborating with the local community and carrying out research that demonstrates the uniqueness of Okinawa.
* “Bankoku shinryo” (literally, “bridge of nations”) is part of the text inscribed on the bell cast by King Sho Taikyu in 1458 and hung in the main hall of Shuri Castle.

Educational Objectives

  1. To interact with the international community, centering on Asia, and implement education that fosters the ability to understand and communicate.
  2. To research and discover Okinawa’s potential, and implement education that fosters positive interaction with the local community.
  3. To implement education that cultivates the ability to create and achieve dreams, and the ability to cope with environmental changes—in other words, education that empowers humankind.

Community Collaboration and Research Objectives

  1. To promote community cooperation and collaboration among industry, academia, and government.
  2. To become a base for lifelong learning in the local community.
  3. To advance research that contributes to Okinawa’s development.