University Policies

Admission Policy (Acceptance of New Students)

OKIU seeks individuals who agree with the university’s motto and philosophy, who aim to become the type of person described in the university’s mission statement, and who possess the interest, motivation, basic academic abilities, and communication skills necessary to develop the capabilities outlined in our educational objectives.

Diploma Policy (Degree Conferment)

Students who possess the following qualities will be granted a bachelor’s degree after completing the specified curriculum:
  1. Diverse perspectives and specialized knowledge required for a deeper understanding of the society in which they live.
  2. The capability to discover issues on their own and solve them through self-determination and cooperation.
  3. Independence and awareness of their own social responsibilities. 

Curriculum Policy (Curriculum Organization)

Based on the school’s motto, philosophy, and mission statement, OKIU aims to achieve its educational objectives and to train individuals who are motivated to learn by offering a curriculum with the following:
  1. General subjects that provide students with the wisdom and fundamental knowledge needed to become independent members of society.
  2. Specialized subjects that systematically provide students with specialized knowledge and that foster in them a scholarly interest in their major area of study.
  3. Subjects for qualifications that are based on specialized knowledge and practical experiences so that students can obtain skills that enable them to contribute to society as experts.
  4. Required subjects, extracurricular subjects, and activities that provide opportunities for work experience, international exchange, and community involvement, so that students can improve their social skills and develop a more international outlook.