Department of British and American Language and Culture

Thoroughly master practical English!

The Department of British and American Language and Culture aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of English so they acquire practical English skills that can be used internationally, while also helping them acquire the computer skills needed to respond to the ever-advancing globalization of society. The department also offers in-depth training to become an English teacher who can be effective in various teaching environments.

Department Characteristics

The department trains individuals armed with a global outlook and a strong command of English.
  1. Students acquire information processing skills.
  2. Students acquire practical English skills.
  3. Students can become professionals who are effective in an era of internationalization and computerization.
  4. Students can become English teachers with specialized knowledge.
  5. Students can become Japanese-language teachers who are internationally successful.

Admission Policy(Acceptance of New Students)

The Department of British and American Language and Culture, in accord with Okinawa International University’s admission policy and the department’s educational goals, seeks applicants with the following qualities:
  1. Applicants with a strong interest in the language and culture of the English-speaking world.
  2. Applicants motivated to work autonomously and independently in order to acquire a strong command of the English language.
  3. Applicants with a global spirit that seeks to connect Japan to the world through English.
  4. Applicants who understand the meaning and value of collaborative learning and who can cooperate with others to create a better learning environment.
  5. Applicants who have the basic academic ability required for multilingual and multicultural understanding. (For Comprehensive Selection, applicants should have an English ability equivalent to EIKEN Grade 2 or CEFR B1.)
  6. Applicants who can forge positive human relationships through communication with others.
  7. Applicants who possess the basic abilities of thinking, judging, and expressing that are required to solve the various problems of multicultural societies.

Curriculum Summary

The curriculum provides students with a thorough study of English. Students take oral communication, debate, and other classes to acquire practical English skills, and they take classes on English linguistics, phonetics, and other subjects to acquire high-level specialist English skills. The curriculum also offers classes such as Applied Writing Skills and a wide selection that will please all students. In seminars held for each of the four years, students have opportunities to debate with classmates and receive individualized instruction from their teachers. The department has reduced the number of required subjects and has increased the number of electives, so that students can pursue their future goals.
Career Options
English TeacherJapanese-Language TeacherAirline industryLocal Government
National GovernmentTourismRetailFinance