Department of Business Administration

We’re turning business into a science!

In the Department of Business Administration, students focus on what’s happening in today’s business world as they systematically study and specialize in areas of practical knowledge and skills necessary to business. Students can utilize what they learn at university in the workplace. In addition, students can acquire many different licenses and certifications because course content is linked to such qualifications.

Department Characteristics

The department trains businesspersons capable of meeting the various needs of today’s society.
  1. Students are provided a practical education that focuses on corporate activities and business.
  2. Students are offered a curriculum appropriate for a highly advanced information society in an era of globalization.
  3. The department has a course system for specialized and systematic study of marketing, management, and accounting.
  4. Class content is linked to the acquisition of numerous licenses and certificates.

Admission Policy(Acceptance of New Students)

The Department of Business Administration aims to train individuals who can deal with a variety of business activities in an increasingly information-based globalized world, through a specialized and systematic study of marketing, management, and accounting. The department therefore seeks applicants with the following characteristics:
  1. Applicants who possess the basic academic ability and education necessary to strengthen their skills and abilities through a specialized and systematic study of business.
  2. Applicants who know and can specifically explain what they want to learn in the Department of Business Administration.
  3. Applicants who can demonstrate the judgment and analytical ability needed to discern and solve business-related problems, and who can clearly express their own opinions.
  4. Applicants who are inquisitive and curious about business, who have a clear vision of life after graduation, and who have a desire to contribute to the local and global communities.
  5. Applicants who have wrestled with issues independently, who have cooperated with others, and who can relate those experiences to what they want to learn at university.

Curriculum Summary

A curriculum that offers a lot of choice
The curriculum is organized so that students can pursue a broad, comprehensive study of marketing, management, and accounting, or choose a specific field for a deeper, more specialized course of study.

Responsive to the needs of an advanced information society in an era of globalization
The department offers subjects, such as Marketing Information Science, Management Information Science, and Computerized Accounting, that are responsive to the needs of our advanced information society, and subjects, such as Introduction to Global Marketing, Marketing English, International Relations, and Bookkeeping and Accounting in English, that are needed in the global marketplace.

Comprehensive career education
The department offers special subjects with lectures given by businesspersons who play an active role on the front lines, so students can acquire practical knowledge and experience that you can’t usually acquire in the classroom.
Career Options
Management ConsultantSmall and Medium Enterprise Management ConsultantPrivate CompaniesCertified Tax Accountant
Certified Public AccountantTeacherNational Government (National Tax Specialist at the National Tax Agency) Local Government
Marketing ResearcherEntrepreneur (starting one’s own business)