Curriculum Overview

Providing a Broad Range of Subjects for Students Who Want to Learn

Here at Okinawa International University, we value your desire to learn. In stark contrast to your time in high school, as a college student, you’ll need to have a plan for your studies and activities. You’ll need to think about how you’ll use your limited time and resources when selecting the subjects that you need. At
Okinawa International University, the curriculum is broadly divided into Specialized Subjects and General Subjects. Specialized Subjects are subjects offered by the various departments. These are subjects for acquiring the specialized knowledge specific to each of the departments. General Subjects are subjects
divided into broad topics that will help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and culture required of educated adult members of society. These are subjects that students from any department can take.

Specialized SubjectsRequired Subjects (Including Seminars)These subjects are for thoroughly pursuing the specialized, university-level knowledge in the academic fields of the 4 colleges, 10 departments, and 2 majors.
Electives and Required Electives
General SubjectsForeign Language SubjectsRegardless of college or department, students can freely choose what subjects to study, depending on their various interests.
Career-Development Subjects
& Subjects in 9 Other Topic Areas

Free ElectivesFor Free Electives, students can freely choose subjects from all of the Specialized Subjects and General Subjects.

124 Credits or Above (The number of credits required to graduate in four years)