Department of Economics

Learn about economic theory and current conditions, and utilize your comprehensive knowledge in the future!

In the Department of Economics, students learn about basic economic theory and current conditions, as well as research ways to enhance and improve our economic lives. Through its rich and diverse curriculum and information-focused education for the understanding of the economy
and society, the department aims to train professionals who can put their comprehensive knowledge to use in various fields. Japan’s economy and society has changed as a result of globalization, progress in information technology, and an aging population, and these changes have had a major impact on our personal lives and the local community. This is also a time of tremendous technological development, along with corresponding innovation. We can’t afford to stand bewildered in the face of such changes. Understanding the risks and opportunities from an economic point of view will prove to be extremely beneficial as we navigate our way through these turbulent times. The Department of Economics offers a curriculum that will help students respond to the diverse needs of society and that will match their interests and goals.

Department Characteristics

The department offers a broad and flexible curriculum with practical information education.
  1. Students have freedom and flexibility in choosing subjects, to help them search for their career paths.
  2. Students study about economic theories and current conditions through a systematically organized curriculum.
  3. Students are encouraged to widen and deepen their outlooks through a consideration of the local economy.
  4. Students are introduced to the latest economic trends in Okinawa, Japan, and the world.
  5. Students take practical subjects for dealing with changes in information technology.
  6. Education and research in the department has been enriched through collaboration with the Graduate School of Regional Business and Economics.

Admission Policy(Acceptance of New Students)

The Department of Economics seeks individuals with the educational and research goals of contributing to local autonomy or the development of the global community, and who possess the basic knowledge, analytic skills, and ability in expression required of adults to solve various
problems. The department therefore desires individuals with the following qualities:
  1. Applicants with a strong interest in the various problems facing the local and global communities, including the economy.
  2. Applicants with a desire to acquire the extensive knowledge needed to come up with solutions to those problems.
  3. Applicants who can consider those problems logically and independently, and who have the desire to take action.
  4. Applicants who want to apply economics and the knowledge of related fields in playing an active role in society.
  5. Applicants who possess the basic high school academic abilities that are needed to study economics and related social science fields.

Curriculum Summary

In Introduction to Economics, students will learn about Okinawa’s economy, the characteristics of various economic fields, and the usefulness of economic knowledge. Through a systematically organized curriculum, students acquire an appreciation of economics while learning how to study. As students progress through their course of study, they gradually deepen their interest in their field of specialization. In choosing subjects for pursuing that goal, students can consult with their academic advisor at any time. In addition, the department offers career support, in cooperation with Okinawa Prefecture’s Career Center, thereby helping students to gain employment with companies or to pass the employment exams for civil service or teaching.
Career Options
National GovernmentTeacherLocal GovernmentTourism
Distribution IndustryService SectorInformation FieldsHealth Industry