Department of Industry and Information Science

Economics × IT × Language Learning = Infinite Possibilities!

The Department of Industry and Information Science trains information technology specialists who have acquired economic knowledge with a global perspective. Accredited by the Computer Graphic Arts Society, the department offers a wide variety of inspiring lectures and seminars, taught by a distinguished group of instructors who possess specialist knowledge and skills. The department also puts a lot of energy into language education by offering not only subjects taught in English by professors with global outlooks, extensive overseas experience, and extensive English qualifications, but also subjects that use teaching materials using varieties of English spoken in non-English-speaking countries, in order to foster international understanding.

Department Characteristics

The department helps students acquire a balance of knowledge in economics, information technology, and foreign languages.
  1. The department takes a practical educational approach by examining the roles that information technology plays in creation and development within various industries.
  2. Students learn about the development of game apps and computer systems in seminar-style classes.
  3. Course content is linked to the acquisition of numerous licenses and certificates, through programs that help students prepare for civil service, teacher, and various certification exams.
  4. The department has implemented an early graduation system.

Admission Policy(Acceptance of New Students)

The Department of Industry and Information Science aims to train international specialists who have acquired a practical knowledge in the basics and specialized areas of industrial economics and the information sciences, and who will be pioneers in our highly advanced information society. Students will pursue a specialized and systematic study of the three fields of information, economics, and language study in order to become professionals who can play an active role in global businesses. Specifically, the department will train and produce individuals with the following abilities:
  1. Individuals who can analyze problems in business, industry, and economics, and who can make proposals for solutions in the local and global communities.
  2. Individuals who have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of information technology, who have learned advanced programming and system design, and who have the ability to make advances in digital content design and management.
  3. Individuals who understand various cultures and who possess the communicative ability, business acumen, and problem-solving skills needed in global businesses.
  4. Individuals who can apply their knowledge of information science, economics, and languages, who are aware of their social responsibilities, and who can contribute to the local community.

Curriculum Summary

A curriculum that combines the field of global economics with the field of information design
Through its unique curriculum combining the fields of industrial economics and information, the department aims to train various professionals who can bring together industry and information, and who can meet the needs of our global society. We welcome students who
want to combine these two fields in their future careers. 

Implementation of practical educational programs linked to outside organizations
Through its implementation of practical educational programs linked to outside organizations, such as Computer Graphic Arts Society (an educational accreditation organization), Oracle Academy (Oracle Japan), Academic Partners (Epic Games, Inc.), and organizations aiming to incubate start-ups, the department trains professionals who are ready to work in the real world.
Career Options
National GovernmentLocal GovernmentJunior High or High School TeacherMuseum Curator
NPOs and NGOs Game Development CompaniesFinance IndustryInformation Industry
Distribution IndustryVenture Business