Graduate School of Law

Philosophy and Aims

 Globalization has been advancing in politics, economics, and many other fields. As a result, orderly development in the twenty-first century can no longer be accomplished merely through the efforts of individual nations. On the other hand, Japan now faces stagnation in confronting problems related to its national finance, industry, labor, declining birth rate, and pension fund. Given this situation, the role that graduate schools fulfill as intellectually creative institutions has become increasingly more important. The Graduate School of Law aims to play a role in fulfilling this responsibility in the field of law by training professionals who can demonstrate outstanding leadership and who can respond shrewdly and flexibly during this period of chaos.

Department of Law

Public and Basic Law
The Division of Public and Basic Law deals with positive laws, such as the Constitution, administrative law, and international law, and the philosophy of basic law. Students study the present state of public law, which determines the relationship between the nation and its citizens, as well as the ideological, historical, and social premises that underlie that law.

Civil and Criminal Law
The Division of Civil and Criminal Law deals with the substantive laws of civil law, commercial law, and criminal law, as well as the procedural laws of the Code of Civil Procedure and the Code of Criminal Procedure. Students systemically study the law while comparing precedents and doctrines concerning the interpretation of laws both in Japan and abroad, so that they can come up with judicial solutions by applying existing laws to specific cases.